Halloween candies with braces?.. tips for enjoying them :)

Surely you are all huge fans of candy, and would obviously be devastated if you couldn’t eat any Halloween treats because you are wearing braces.  Fortunately…you can!!

Eating sweets is really only good in moderation obviously:) but its halloween!!:)  , so choose carefully, and be sure to brush your teeth thoroughly after you enjoy your snack.

Treats  you Can Eat..
-Anything that melts in your mouth (solid chocolate, peanut butter cups, etc.)
-Lollies and hard candies (just don’t chew/ bite them!! We definitely wouldn’t recommend biting through hard candies with braces, but you will had no problems sucking on a lolly!).
-Chocolates with cereal, wafers, soft caramel, etc. (Avoid hard, super-chewy caramel, but you will have no problem with the super-liquidy kind)

Candy to Avoid
-Anything with whole nuts
-Anything with hard, super-chewy caramel
-Marshmallows and candy with marshmallows in it
-Any super-chewy gummies/candies
-Licourice (in any form )

When in doubt, throw it out:)

Happy halloween 🙂

halloween tips for healthy teeth with braces

halloween tips for healthy teeth with braces



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