Halloween sweeties with braces?.. tips for enjoying them :)

Halloween candies with braces?.. tips for enjoying them 🙂

Surely you are all huge fans of candy, and would obviously be devastated if you couldn’t eat any Halloween treats because you are wearing braces.  Fortunately…you can!!

Eating sweets is really only good in moderation obviously:) but its halloween!!:)

ghost-brusing-teethChoose wisely!! Encourage kids to eat candy that melts quickly and can be eaten easily. Chocolate is a better choice! Try to avoid gooey and chewy candy, like caramels, that linger on the teeth . After enjoying any sugary treat, encourage kids to brush their teeth. Its halloween so some treats are needed… everything in moderation however !!

Make a secret stash. Don’t leave candy around the house after Halloween encouraging the kids to continue the treats for weeks to come! Stock up on candy (the non sticky kind) for trick-or-treaters as close to Halloween as possible to avoid the temptation for children (and adults) to get a head start on the splurge. Get rid of the post-Halloween stash as soon as possible. Away from parents and kids with little willpower:)

Try to ensure children eat a good meal prior to trick-or-treating, so there will be less temptation to eat so much  candy.

The key to prevent cavities after eating sugary foods is to prevent the mouth from remaining coated in the acid-forming sugars and other carbohydrates found in sweets after eating. Brush teeth after or if not possible at the time, swish with a glass of water or che

w sugar free gum. Avoidance of sugary snacks is obviously the most advisable but at halloween lets face it this is not going to be the case!

Candy to Avoid while wearing braces 

-Anything with whole nuts

ng with hard, super-chewy caramel
-Marshmallows and candy with marshmallows in it
-Any super-chewy/ sticky gummies/candies/ lollies
-Licourice (in any form )

When in doubt, throw it out:)

Have a great halloween!!  :)


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