A sample of some testimonials from our patients  following their specialist treatment

Sandra Currid
Been meaning to send this for a long time. I just wanted to say a huge thank you to David and the team. From the start of my treatment you were all so professional, friendly, accomodating (even when I stupidly mixed up my appointments) !!! I can honestly say getting my braces was one of the best decisions I have ever made and you made it hassle free, pain fee (almost) and well worth every penny!! When I look back at the photos before, I realize the work you do is amazing!!I will be continuing to recommend highly David McConville Orthodontist for the treatment service and overall result you provide! Ps: Not forgetting Michelle who was so polite and obliging in person and on the phone. Thank you all so much! A very happy patient! 

Patient with Orthodontic Treatment with Fixed braces

Excellent customer care, service and excellent staff, Excellent practice. Advise to go for it!! Dont be afraid of treatment, you are in very good hands! I now have the confidence to smile. All my life I have been wearing braces. The last two Orthodontists I have been to ‘couldnt do any more for me’.
I wouldnt give up until I was happy with my teeth! Since I visited your practice my family and friends are looking at me twice with the change in my smile. Im a very happy woman now!
Treatment was definetly a good investment, might sound so expensive at the start but if you really want to do your teeth you can do it, your smile your life!
The main advantage was that you kept your word and didnt give up until I was 100% happy with them, was well worth the waiting! Thank you!

Martina Mitchell Age 37 Orthodontic Treatment with Ceramic fixed braces

Quality of care was excellent. Any questions or fears were answered or settled. Don’t be afraid to ask as many questions as you need to as the staff are very friendly and getting the answers your want takes away all the fear you may have of any treatments. Since having braces I am much more confident in talking to people and meeting new people. Definitely worth the money, life changing in terms of confidence and self esteem.

Evan Kerrigan Age 14: Treatment with Fixed braces
Very relaxed atmosphere – no nerves.
Would advise to talk to someone who has had it done, as it does not hurt as much as you would imagine. Evan is now more aware and careful of teeth and hygiene. Good investment, and I am sure he’ll notice once braces are off for a couple of weeks.

(Submitted by father)

Laura Clifford Age 16: Treatment with Fixed Braces.
Very good treatment. I was very pleased. I now have more confidence in my smile. Good investment of time and money!

Pamela Brennan age 26: Treatment with Fixed braces
Excellent care. Friendly staff throughout. Advise to wear your wax for the first week to prevent irritation!!  I learned the hard way.  Don’t wait for the mouth ulcers to appear. Increase in my Confidence. Best money I’ve ever spent.  Well worth the time for a lifetime of reward.  Thank you all so much.

Eimear Hunt Age 15 : Treatment with fixed braces
Professional, courteous and friendly service.  Early and late opening hours, very beneficial. Would recommend this practice to my friends/relatives for treatment. Much happier with my nice new teeth. Expensive but worthwhile in the long term.

Karina Carty Age 28 Upper Invisalign treatment
Quality of care was very high and all staff were very helpful and professional. I would recommend speaking to an advanced professional who can offer all kinds of treatments. Feeling much more confident and happy. Good investment of time and money.

Edel Shanley Age 25: Treatment with fixed braces
Very good clinic. Go for it, very good care and no pain at all with treatments. Good impact on my life, ready for wedding photographs!
Worth the money! 

Micheal Kilcoyne Age 46: Treatment with fixed braces
Excellent treatment.  Very professional. I would recommend it. I have the smile I’ve wanted for years. Definitely worth the investment.

Martin Shanley Age 44: Treatment with ceramic fixed braces
Excellent experience from start to finish. Very efficient and very pleasant staff.  Care of the highest standard. Go for a consultation and you won’t look back. Much more confidant smile now.  Before, I tended to hide my smile and was self conscious of my teeth. Without doubt worth the cost.

Dolores Carr Age 38:  Treatment with ceramic fixed braces
Excellent service. My advice is go for it as there is nothing to be nervous about. I feel so much happier and I keep looking in the mirror and smiling, what a transformation it has done to me, my confidence. Money well spent, I would do it again and would tell everyone money well spent. I thought that you were brilliant, gentle if I had any problems you were quick to see me.  Thank you very much Dolores Carr.

Ms Mary Sweeney: Mum of Coleen and Alanna Finnerty
Definitely have teeth your done here, everyone is lovely. Teeth are perfect now, they were very uneven, more confident now, love to smile.I  could change my appointment if something came up. It was also very convenient for travel from Ballina, and easy parking.

 Ms noreen O Donnell Age 50: Treatment with incognito lingual braces
Excellent care and attention to detail Mr. McConville and staff very professional and always friendly which helps put patient at ease. Go for it.  End results are brilliant.  A little discomfort during the course of the treatment is worth the results, which is for the rest of your life. After years of being conscious of my teeth and never smiling for a camera.  I now can’t stop smiling. Without a doubt it’s the best present I have ever had. Always felt I was in good hands and never a problem changing appointments or going back if there were any problems.

Pauline Sheehan Treatment with upper ceramic braces
Found David brilliant throughout, very helpful at initial consultation and both him and nurse very helpful throughout treatment.  Always very gentle during procedures.  Michelle also very friendly both via phone and in person. Definitely get it done here, well worth every penny and delighted with result. Not as conscious now as before about teeth.  More confident. Definitely worth the cost and will highly recommend.

Mary Quigg: mother of Sean Quigg age: 14:  Treatment with fixed braces
The customer care was first class.  The treatment was explained at each stage and David took great care in answering questions.  The surgery is bright, clean and modern.  The staff are warm and friendly.
There is no need to be nervous as there is no pain attached to the treatment, only discomfort which lasts only a short while.
It is lovely to have the confidence to smile and not to feel embarrassed. The treatment was a good investment of time and money.  You cannot put a price on a nice smile.
Our decision in choosing to have treatment with Dr. McConville was not only based on price but results.  We had seen other patients who had had treatment.

Aisling Crowe Age 32: Orthodontic treatment with Incognito Lingual braces
Quality of care and customer care is excellent.  I was always facilitated for appointments early in the morning, which suited greatly.  Staff very friendly and helpful. I would say go for it.  I was a little nervous, as I didn’t know what to expect.  A year on and I’m sitting waiting to get my braces off.  The past year has flown by with no hassles. I feel great because my teeth look lovely and straight.  I’m just sorry I didn’t do it sooner. The year went really quickly.  It’s worth every penny for the end result of quality of treatment you receive. Appointments early in the morning before work.  Easily accessible clinic.  Friendly staff.  Prompt appointments.

Laura Dowd:  Treatment with upper ceramic braces, treatment was also had by her two sisters and brother in law.
I found the quality of care excellent and always felt relaxed and at ease coming in. No need to be nervous, or unsure just go for it, its worth it all. I feel more confident in myself, best thing I ever done. Worth every penny.

Ms Maire Hanley: Aine Hanley mother : Treatment with fixed braces
Care was excellent.  Friendly staff. Go ahead and have the treatment, it’s worth it.  It’s relatively painless, minimal discomfort. Can smile with confidence.  Near perfect teeth. Close at hand, appointments early morning very convenient.

Joan Scott age 29: Treatment with fixed braces
Excellent care – Michelle is amazing at fitting me in at short notice.  I had loads of questions that were answered, some over and over! Have treatment, it’ll be over before you know it and you’ll always wonder if you don’t.  People don’t even notice that you’re wearing braces but they notice your smile after.  Treat yourself to teeth whitening after. I’m not conscious of my smile in pictures anymore. I’d recommend it to anyone. Because its local I was able to pop in for quick check up’s without taking time off.

Lauren Kelly age 18: Treatment with fixed braces
 The quality of care was to the highest standard and was very flexible with payments and appointments. Don’t be nervous. Everything is explained beforehand and there is no discomfort at any time. I now have the confidence to smile and show teeth. It was well worth the time and money. Friendly service.  Great payment plan to make it easier on the pocket.  Flexible with appointments.

Gavin Doherty: Dental Implant Treatment:  Age 25
 Excellent clinic. No need to be nervous, very friendly and experienced staff. I now have a nice smile. Nice straight smile, comfortable.

Philomena Byrne Age 23: Treatment with fixed braces
I’ve had only great experiences at this clinic.  Everyone from reception to the orthodontist himself were friendly and professional.  I always felt like I was being accommodated according to my needs, with appointment times, etc.
I would reassure people that getting the braces on and off is completely painless.  A few days of discomfort at first and when they’re tightened is worth getting straight teeth.
I’ve only had them off a few hours and I’m already finding myself smiling at people on the street.  The boost to my confidence had been immediate and something that is mine now forever.
I’m currently unemployed so saving the money was very tough but ultimately it’s the best money I’ve ever spent.  Worth every cent. Advantages: The clinic is located near to me, the option of monthly payments and I appreciated how comfortable everyone here made me feel.

Leona Casey Age 23: Orthodontic treatment with fixed braces
Excellent quality and care.  Very helpful and pleasant. There is nothing to be nervous about. Brilliant impact on my life, a lot more confidence and very happy with my results. Pleasant people.  Very helpful and nice.

Rachael Drury Age 28: Treatment with fixed braces
Very good treatment, David has a great way about him that makes you feel relaxed and not in any pain.
After a consultation you will be reassured of high quality dentist and service. Very happy I finally have straight teeth at the age of 27. Absolutely worth the cost.
Flexible service, good location, friendly staff, great dentist, brilliant results.

Noreen McNern Age 58: Treatment with incognito lingual braces
The quality of care and customer care was the best I ever experienced.  It was excellent. There is no need to worry, you will be reassured and told what is going on all the time.   You wont feel anything.  The doctors are fantastic at their job.
It is great to have straight teeth, and you are not afraid to smile. Worth the money.
It was very convenient to my home.  The appointments were suited around my work.  Everybody was very friendly and made you feel at ease.  You could contact at any time.

Helen Murtagh: 2 daughters in treatment with fixed braces
A very good experience for both my children.  They never minded having to attend their appointments, actually looked forward to going.  Very good care taken and relaxed atmoshere.
Do not hesitate to have treatment. You can open your mouth with wonderful confidence and pride. Most definitely worth the time and money. Willing to take appointments early in the morning.  Never delayed.  Excellent results.

Ita Travers : son in treatment with fixed braces
Quality and care of patient was at all times excellent. The service is so professional that people would be reassured if they were nervous. (Always good to check or ask)
Teeth such a major improvement so obviously will improve my confidence in every way.
Efficient service and no long waiting methods of payment to suit everyone.

Ms Fitsimmons: Daughter Lauren in treatment with fixed braces
We found the level of both quality of care and customer care excellent and efficient. I would say to go ahead and have the treatment.  The results are great and uncertainties will be eased away by the professional team here.
Not feeling nervous about smiling anymore.  The treatment has given her more confidence.
Well worth every penny to see the results of my daughters smile that she loves now. The payment plan and the excellent services provided were the main advantages.

Adult with fixed brace treatment
Quality of care excellent. The treatment was explained well in advance of having orthodontics done.I knew what was taking place before each visit. I as a customer was treated with care and felt confident in my Orthodontist and his staff.
It is not necessary to be nervous, as the treatment is carried out in a professional manner . My treatment has left me with perfect teeth and the confidence to smile and for my future life. I am very pleased with my investment.
I got the teeth of my dreams. I got time to spread payments with my visits. Very flexible hours to suit me.

Noreen Curren re her son Joseph: Treatment with fixed braces
Brilliant care! Very Reassured here. Got a great new smile. Good investment of time and money! Experienced team, understanding, flexible with everything, appointments, payments etc.

Louise Coughter: Fixed brace treatment
Fantastic experience from start to finish. Highly professional at all times. Very pleased and would definitely recommend the clinic.

Im very nervous by nature but never once felt nervous throughout my treatment. The team made me feel very relaxed and I actually enjoyed it.

My confidence is sky high right now. Im not ashamed to smile anymore.

Treatment was absolutely a good investment of time and money, Thank you so much!!

The main advantages were the professionalism, friendliness, relaxed and welcoming atmosphere and the high quality finish at the end. A+ 

 A testimonial with a difference:)

The Holy Molar

O Doctor, O Doctor, Dear Doctor Niamh
You did a great thing-my pain to relieve
The sweetness of life had gone from my door
The ache in my tooth had my head on the floor.

Then you came along all nice and calm
“Loosing these teeth won’t do any harm, put a smile on your face and be of good cheer”
You put me at ease so thank you, my dear.

So thank you good doctor
Go raibh maith agat
grazie tanti, merci mille fois
vielen dante, muchos gratios
Gratias tibi, O Doctor optime

Father McInerney

Diane McGonigle: Fixed Braces January 2012

Excellent care and service, was relaxed from day one! Would advise dont be nervous, as a patient I was afraid of tightening etc. No need!! The whole process was in no way painful at any point!

So far I cant stop smiling (after first glance)!

Treatment was a good investment especially time, I wouldnt have managed the money side of it only for the easy no fuss payment plan!

Main advantages of the clinics firstly was easy access and early appointments, but will definetely recommend to people based on the no fuss approach and excellent customer care!!!


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