Clear braces for sports persons

Clear braces perfect for sports people!

Lifestyle aspects are one of Invisalign’s biggest positives, notibley with sports persons. Playing sports you want no limitations, you wont want braces getting in the way of your confidence and safety , With Invisalign clear braces you wont need to worry, they do not stop a person from participating in sports and other activities.

With Some sports it is advisable to wear a mouth guard, but it this is usually a type of sport that all the team players are required to use a mouth guard to protect the teeth.

You may be interested to learn that Elite track cyclists Laura Trott and Jason Kenny are about to compete for Team GB at the Commonwealth Games. They have been a couple since the 2012 Olympics, and train together in Manchester. Before the start of the games they have both decided to embark on Invisalign treatment and are about to be fitted with their first sets of clear aligners together.

New smiles for Jason Kenny and Laura Trott with Invisalign braces

New smiles for Jason Kenny and Laura Trott with Invisalign clear braces

Laura Trott, is an elite level English track and road cyclist who specialises in the team pursuit and omnium disciplines. She is the inaugural Olympic champion in both events. Trott is the reigning Olympic and European champion in both events, as well as the reigning four-time World Champion in the team pursuit, and a former World Champion in the omnium. She is the most successful rider, male or female, in the history of the elite European Track Championships, with five titles.

Jason Kenny,  is an English track cyclist, specialising in the individual and team sprints. After winning multiple World and European Junior titles in 2006 and achieving medals in the under 23 European championships in 2007, Kenny was selected to compete for Great Britain at the 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing. Along with Chris Hoy and Jamie Staff, he won a gold medal in the team sprint, breaking the world record in the qualifying round. He finished behind team-mate Chris Hoy in the final of the individual sprint, gaining a silver medal. At the 2012 Summer Olympics in London, he won gold medals in both the team and individual sprints.

We are delighted to see that they both have no problems wearing Invisalign braces and continuing towards amazing sports achievements.

Dont let braces get in the way whatever the sport . Book a FREE CONSULTATION to discuss your options and costs for treatment with Invisalign clear braces. T : 071 91 50820

Now offering a 500€ discount on Invisalign Clear braces

Invisalign clear braces

Invisalign clear braces removable aligners

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Caring for your braces TUESDAY TIPS @ David McConville Orthodontics

Dental hygiene with fixed braces

Be happy to hear that Braces does not mean any more work brushing your teeth really! ..just a different style. Special toothbrushes, dental floss and water jets can help you. You should always make sure to brush your teeth and braces after each meal. As we said, it’s no big deal. It seems like a pain, but it is crucial!

invisalign invisible-braces for adultsWe find Superfloss makes flossing much easier. You can get Superfloss from us at the clinic or from most good pharmacies. Alternatively, some people prefer to use floss threaders, which you can also get from us.

Push the end of the floss through the space between the main arch wire and upper part of the tooth closest to the gum. Work in a gentle back-and-forth motion between the two teeth — don’t use too much force around the arch wire. Products like the Airflosser are also very good.

It’s important to brush at least two to three times a day.
Using a standard soft toothbrush, brush down from the top and up from the bottom of each tooth. An electric toothbrush is also fine.

The key is to spend enough time cleaning. Schedule it into your day and it will become easy! Your teeth will look even more beautiful after treatment:)

Once you’ve done this, you can use a proxabrush (otherwise known as a Christmas tree brush) — a brush designed especially for cleaning in between braces. Use several strokes in each direction before moving on to the next space between two braces. Keep going until all your teeth are clean.

Sounds easy yes:)

If you are considering braces and dont want the traditional fixed braces have a look at invisalign braces!

They are clear and removable! You can remove them to eat and brush your teeth! Book a FREE CONSULTATION HERE 

Any queries contact us on 071 91 50820 and we will be happy to help you!Weekly tips on caring for your teeth and braces

Weekly tips on caring for your teeth and braces


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TUESDAY TIPS caring for your braces

EVERY TUESDAY we will be giving you a TUESDAY TIP! Some helpful advice on caring for your teeth/ braces!!
*Here is a tip for those of you with an essix retainer! *

You can clean your retainer with mixture of 1 part bleach : 10 parts water for 5-10 minutes. You can also even use any traditional persulfate cleanser or non persulfate cleanser such as Dentasoak. Call us to ask for some cleaning solution for your retainers! We have it available in the practice!

Below are things that you should know about your essix retainers!

Do not clean your retainers with toothpaste
Avoid over soaking your retainers
Do not expose your retainers to excessive heat/ very hot water
Never use vinegar as a retainer cleaner
Do not keep your retainers in closer reach of pets.. they seem to love them!! 

Call or email us with any queries! Happy Tuesday 🙂

Weekly tips on caring for your teeth and braces

Weekly tips on caring for your teeth and braces

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Halloween sweeties with braces?.. tips for enjoying them :)

Halloween candies with braces?.. tips for enjoying them 🙂

Surely you are all huge fans of candy, and would obviously be devastated if you couldn’t eat any Halloween treats because you are wearing braces.  Fortunately…you can!!

Eating sweets is really only good in moderation obviously:) but its halloween!!:)

ghost-brusing-teethChoose wisely!! Encourage kids to eat candy that melts quickly and can be eaten easily. Chocolate is a better choice! Try to avoid gooey and chewy candy, like caramels, that linger on the teeth . After enjoying any sugary treat, encourage kids to brush their teeth. Its halloween so some treats are needed… everything in moderation however !!

Make a secret stash. Don’t leave candy around the house after Halloween encouraging the kids to continue the treats for weeks to come! Stock up on candy (the non sticky kind) for trick-or-treaters as close to Halloween as possible to avoid the temptation for children (and adults) to get a head start on the splurge. Get rid of the post-Halloween stash as soon as possible. Away from parents and kids with little willpower:)

Try to ensure children eat a good meal prior to trick-or-treating, so there will be less temptation to eat so much  candy.

The key to prevent cavities after eating sugary foods is to prevent the mouth from remaining coated in the acid-forming sugars and other carbohydrates found in sweets after eating. Brush teeth after or if not possible at the time, swish with a glass of water or che

w sugar free gum. Avoidance of sugary snacks is obviously the most advisable but at halloween lets face it this is not going to be the case!

Candy to Avoid while wearing braces 

-Anything with whole nuts

ng with hard, super-chewy caramel
-Marshmallows and candy with marshmallows in it
-Any super-chewy/ sticky gummies/candies/ lollies
-Licourice (in any form )

When in doubt, throw it out:)

Have a great halloween!!  :)

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Mouth Cancer Awareness Day Sligo 2013

We are offering free mouth cancer screening in our Sligo clinic this week for Mouth Cancer Awareness day on September 18th 2013! Mouth cancer is an important global healthcare problem. There are more than 300 cases of cancer of the mouth (oral cavity and pharynx) reported in Ireland every year.

Mouth Cancer

These cancers are more common in men than in women. However this is changing. The incidence rate of cancer of the mouth in women has increased significantly at a rate of 3% per year since 1994. It mainly affects older people although younger people are being diagnosed now. In Britain, the incidence of mouth cancer has increased faster than any other cancer in the past 25 years.

According to the National Cancer Registry in Ireland, roughly half of all mouth cancers and even less of cancers of the pharynx are diagnosed at an early stage. This can result in more complex treatment with greater impact on quality of life and overall survival. Whilst it depends on the cancer site we know that more than half of those treated will have good survival outcomes and this continues to improve each year.

Early detection of mouth cancer greatly improves the chances of survival.

To find out more about mouth cancer, the signs and symptoms, the risk factors or other information about cancer please follow the
We have a key role to play in the early detection of mouth cancer and in the prevention of the disease by identifying those patients who are exposed to risk factors.

Free mouth cancer examinations will be offered throughout the country.
The examination is quick and painless. Please take this opportunity by taking 10 minutes to visit Dr Niamh Boyle at DMcC Dentistry to do something that could save your life! Book with us at 071 91 50820 or email

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Khloe Kardashian.. the latest celebrity to straighten her teeth with invisalign clear braces

Khloe Kardashian Odom is the latest celebrity to have invisalign braces,  she is working on perfecting her smile with tooth-straightening clear braces invisalign.

At age 28 the reality TV star is working on her smile but, thanks to technology and progress, she’s doing it the 21st century way: with Invisalign, a teeth-straightening process using clear, removable tooth aligners that are quite different from metal braces.

“The beautiful @KhloeKardashian stopped by, always a pleasure to have her and Lamar visit!” her dentist wrote wrote.

The wife of NBA star Lamar Odom was was sure to let fans know that she didn’t get braces in the traditional sense. In response to a fan who thought her braces were “cute,” the Redbook cover girl for June said: “Thanks baby but I don’t have braces :)”Khloe Kardashian and 'The X Factor' part company

The slimmed-down fashionista visited Sands’ office last week — with cameras rolling for the upcoming season of “Keeping Up With the Kardashian” — to start the moulds for the process.

Her doctor, who also treats her older sister Kim Kardashian and boyfriend Kanye Westconfirmed the news to Radar this week saying that she was getting a customized Invisalign set to straighten her teeth the invisible way!

“She happens to have one of the most beautiful smiles I’ve ever seen,” Sands told the website, saying that he and his patient were “perfectionists” and that they were making minor adjustments to correct her “slightly crooked and rotated” teeth.

“So it was just something we knew we could do. We’ll take her from a 9.5 to a 12!” he said. She’ll wear the set for just a few months, he added. She is having Invisalign lite.. treatment takes just a few months! We offer this at David McConville Orthodontics also!!

“Invisalign is just so easy and noninvasive that it’s worth doing. When Khloe walked in last week I was like, ‘Wow!’ She looks better than ever. We fixed some fillings and took the molds for the Invisalign.”

Contact us here to discuss if Invisalign is suitable for you!

tel : 071 91 50820 to discuss!

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We are delighted to have had such a massive response to our competition for FREE BRACE CONSULTATIONS! Thank you to everyone who entered! The 9 winners below can now book a consultation to be assessed for braces free of charge with David McConville ! Three of you will then win a €500 off INVISALIGN BRACES voucher!

We discuss fees on assessment.. all fees for braces can be paid monthly in Sligo and Donegal . Please contact us here with your details to book an assessment

THE WINNERS… Orna O Dowd, Rosie Rodgers, Melanie Moran, Karen Kelly, Karen Sean, Andrea Keaney, Edel O Neil Brown, Will Mooney and Edel McCann Invisalign Clear Braces

Congratulations all of you 🙂

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Our Latest happy orthodontic patient’s new smile!

Lauren O Donovan is our latest patient to have a beautiful new smile following treatment with innovation fixed braces! See her picture here and a sample of our other after treatment photos!

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Straight teeth with Incognito Lingual braces Ireland

incognito-bracespicTreatable Dental Problems with Incognito Lingual braces

Incognito™ Hidden Braces are customized to correct nearly any orthodontic issue. Although you may only be concerned about how you look, there are often greater health benefits to fixing your teeth. Dr McConville here at DMcC Specialist Dentistry is a Specialist in Orthodontics and is certified in treating with Incognito lingual braces. On assessment he  will  best show you how they will fix your smile, but here’s a sample of the issues Incognito Braces can help address:

Crowded or crooked teeth

Crowded Teeth

Often this makes it difficult to floss and clean in between your teeth, leading to increased incidence of cavities and gum disease. As you age, crowded teeth often get worse. Dr McConville will use Incognito Hidden Braces invisibly to move your teeth into the appropriate spaces and eliminate overcrowding.

Spaces between teeth

Spaces between teeth

Severe spacing is when you have gaps between your teeth. If these gaps go untreated, they may eventually lead to periodontal or gum-related issues as you age. Braces are a great solution for closing gaps in teeth, whether it’s from sucking your thumb as child or if you have a missing tooth.



An overbite is when the upper teeth cover the lower teeth more than is normal when you bite down. If left untreated, you may grind down your teeth and experience painful jaw problems. Braces gently guide your teeth into a new, more normal position.



An underbite is when the lower teeth extend out more than the upper teeth when you bite down. Without treatment, you may suffer painful jaw problems. Incognito Hidden Braces move your teeth to assist in correcting your underbite and provide you with a smile to make you proud.



A crossbite occurs when the upper teeth are not aligned to the lower teeth and can appear either in the front or sides of the mouth. Braces apply gentle pressure to your teeth to move them into the correct position.

Open Bite


An open bite means there is an opening between the upper and lower teeth when the jaw is closed. This opening can be either in the front or the back of the mouth. Biting and chewing can sometimes be difficult with an open bite.

No matter what your treatment problem, if you just need a minor adjustment, Incognito Lite Hidden Braces provide an efficient and cost-effective solution to create that smile you have always wanted. We will discuss numerous options for braces with you on assessment.

All fees are manageable and can be paid monthly. Dr McConville treats adults and children of all ages for the above complaints and others. Orthodontic Consultation is free of charge in our  Donegal town dental clinic on Fridays and is €50 in our Sligo Dental clinic Mon to Thursday, Please email us for more details on your specific requirements, Everyone is different and has different needs for treatment. Therefore we will provide you with personalised options and fee plans on your consultation.

Tel: 071 91 50820 Sligo Specialist Orthodontics

Or contact us here!

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Dr Edward O Reilly Specialist Prosthodontist for Sligo & Donegal

We are delighted to announce that Dr Edward O Reilly (Specialist Prosthodontist) will join our team of Specialist dentists in Sligo and Donegal.

Dr-Edward-O’Reilly-B.Dent_.Sc.-M.F.D.R.C.S.Ireland-M.Dent_.Ch.D.Univ_.-Prosthodontics Sligo and Donegal

Dr-Edward-O’Reilly-B.Dent_.Sc.-M.F.D.R.C.S.Ireland-M.Dent_.Ch.D.Univ_.-Prosthodontics Sligo and Donegal

Dr O Reilly will offer specialist restorative and implant dentistry alongside Dr Niamh Boyle (specialist Oral Surgeon). Dental Implant treatment will be offered with 3i biomet. See more here

Dr Edward O’Reilly qualified from Dental School, Trinity College Dublin in 1997. He commenced a Junior House Officer role in Dublin Dental Hospital immediately after qualification which was then followed by both General Dental practice jobs and a Senior House Officer post. Having completed the membership exams to the Royal College of Surgeons at Dublin in 2001, Edward then completed the 3 year full time Masters Programme in Prosthodontics in Dublin Dental School.
He is now working in private practice in Dublin limited to Prosthodontics and Implant Dentistry in Burlington Road while maintaining a part-time faculty teaching position in the Restorative department in the Dublin Dental Hospital and School.
Edward also continues to provide a range of continuing dental education lectures and courses for General Dental practitioners.

Please contact us with any enquiries on treatments or for details on fees. Dr O’ Reilly will be accepting referrals from general dentists but patients may also contact us for further details without a referral and we will advise them of the best options.
Treatment Fees for Dental Implants can be offered through monthly schedules.

An assessment will be required to assess the best options available for restorative dentistry and missing teeth replacements. Cone beam 3d scanning is available in the clinic to allow the most accurate treatment planning possible.

Tel: 071 91 50820 or Contact us here for details of clinic dates.

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